Where to stay: Marrakesh

Considering touristic attractiveness of Marrakesh, the city has a fair number of hotels, but you should try and stay in medina quarter (wall-enclosed old city). It has very narrow streets and its small private inns just aren’t suited for comfortable vacations.

All larger hotels complexes (with swimming-pools, which are a very important feature for the city) are outside the walls. They are scattered all over the city, but the most convenient ones are in so-called hotel quarter opposite Bad Jedid (near La Mamounia). There located many large international hotels. Though you can single out only the following two hotels:

La Mamounia Hotel. This legendary hotel may be considered one of the special attractions of Marrakesh, which is only accessible by its inmates. The hotel with its garden is surrounded by a high wall.

The hotel was built in 1925. And since then there have stayed almost all outstanding people, from Winston Churchill to all modern celebrities. The halls of the hotel are decorated with genuine works of art.

Le Club Med. It is the only comfortable hotel located in the very heart of the city. Its terraces open to Djemaa el-Fna, so that the inmates of the hotel may enjoy this famous marketplace.

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