Travel tips: Marrakesh

If you want to make a trip to Marrakesh from Agadir, you should order a two-day tour with a stay overnight in the city. Otherwise, they can just show you a couple of mosques and a palace, and tell you something about the main Marrakesh square. And so, having spent a lot of money on the trip, you'll have to just believe the words of your guide.

Take no heed of cabmen and other street ‘advisors’ saying that «today it is a holiday in Morocco and everything is closed until 3 in the afternoon, except markets, and that they know some points where you may easily buy quality goods at fairly low prices». And in the evening they would say quite the opposite: «everything was open in the morning, and now all shops are closed, except markets, and so on». Actually, they want you to hire them for the entire day to bring you around their marketplaces.

Generally you can seat only three passengers in Petit Taxi (it is a small Fiat). In case of Grand Taxi (it is a Mercedes of 60-70th), don’t be surprised if there will be one more passenger next to you on the front seat. As in Morocco cabmen usually take two passengers on the front seat (though it is the same as in all other similar cars) and four passengers on the back seat. However, you may buy out both front seats for yourself.

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