How to get: Merzouga

Air communication. The nearest airport is in the city of Errachidia, only 150 km from Merzouga. The airport receives the flights from Marrakech, Agadir and some other major cities of Morocco, and even from Paris. If you want to save time and have enough money to make local air flights for excursion purposes, it will be the most comfortable and the best way to visit Merzouga.

Highways. Merzouga is 700 km from Agadir, and 560 km from Marrakech. In both case the road will go through the Atlas Mountains. And if you go from Marrakech, the first 200 km will be a serpentine of the Atlas mountain range. It will be a rather difficult and tiring experience.

If you still decided to go to Merzouga from one of these cities, you should start early in the morning in order to be in Merzouga by the evening. You may also make the journey for two days with an overnight halt near the town of Tinerhir, in order to look at the Todgha Gorge in the morning. If you want to reach Merzouga in a day, you should go by the southern road, through Agdz and Tazarin (at Ouarzazate you need turn to the south). Most part of the road goes outside the towns and villages, and so the speed may be much higher. If you choose the northern road running through Skoura and Tinerhir, most of the time you will go inside the towns and villages.

On the one hand, the northern road is called the «road of a thousand kasbahs». And you can see there many medieval clay fortresses. But the scale of whatever you might see in this road would be incomparable with the kasbahs of Ouarzazate and Ait-Ben-Haddou. And if you plan to see the latter ones, and you must do it, the rest of the kasbahs along the road will hardly be interesting. They are generally either half- or completely ruined small kasbahs, which are besides far from the road and the direction signs are absent, so it may take you a lot of time to just find find them. Even the most beautiful kasbah of Skoura (as a matter of fact, the only attraction of the city) is far from the road and there are no direction signs anywhere. And to find it without help is almost impossible.

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