Travel tips: Merzouga

• Merzouga is a place, which may give you the most vivid experience of a travel to Morocco. If you don’t like to spend all your holiday on the beach, you should have a trip to Sahara. You can do it in several ways, namely:

o Variant 1: Find a travel agency offering the appropriate tours. As a rule, they will be 3-day jeep tours (large buses don’t run there). You are taken in the desert. You have a guided excursion in the desert and then come back. Such excursions are very expensive.

o Variant 2. Go to Erfoud (or Errachidia) by intercity bus, and then get to the desert on your own and spend there as much time as you want. The only disadvantage of this variant is a very long and tiring journey. To save the time you may get to Errachidia by plane and then go on to the desert.

o Variant 3. Rent a motor-car in Agadir (or the place where you stay) and set off on a trip for yourself. Undoubtedly, it is the best variant – you stop where you want, drop in the most interesting places, and don’t depend on anyone. With a motor-car you can go round the hotels and choose the one with the best prices.

• A ride in a rented motor-car is an absolutely safe enterprise. You can safely go to the remotest villages of Morocco, and as experience shows, the further from the civilization, the more amiable are people.

• You may combine a trip to Merzouga with a tour of the kasbahs of Ouarzazate and Ait-Ben-Haddou. If you don’t have a tour of the Todgha Gorge, which is described as a unique one in most guides, you will loose nothing. In both directions it would be better to follow the southern Agdz-Tazarin road. Near Ouarzazate is another interesting kasbah – Taourirt – which is worth visiting.

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