Finland travel guide: Finland

You might think that northern climate isn’t very favourable for tourism, however, the nature of Finland is so wonderful that a lot of tourist go there every year.

Finland is often called «the land of thousand lakes». And indeed, all its territory is abundant with lakes, rivers, channels and islands. All this give you a lot of opportunities for quiet rest on the shore of some pinewood lake. At daylight you can go in for bathing, boating, and fishing, as well as make promenades over the wood paths, and in the evening you can go to some sauna. And such activities dispose to relaxation.

Sure, there are no adventures, but if your vacations are full of adrenaline, you generally need several days to get back into routine. Here you can have a real rest, the very rest that can restore your health and spirits.

As a rule, Helsinki is the starting point for all trips over Finland as it has the international airport receiving flights from most countries of the world. It is a relatively small quiet city the main sights of which are a huge cathedral and the Senate Square. There are a lot of Gothic buildings in Helsinki, which are very similar to those of St. Petersburg (Russia), since most of them were built when Finland was a part of Russian Empire.

Being a northern country Finland has all conditions for winter recreation. First of all, it applies to its northernmost region, Lapland, which is believed to be the home of Santa Claus. And its winter forest is really similar to that of fairy tales, with its snow-powdered trees. Very beautiful!

In such regions as Lapland there are many skiing resorts. And though the mountains aren’t too high there, rather they are hills, skiing tracks are very good. Also, skiing season is one of the longest in Finland.


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