Washington, D.C., USA

•    What to see: the capital of the USA
•    Where to go: North-East of the USA near the Atlantic OCean
•    Season: May-September
•    Sights: the Capitol, the White House,
•    Travel time: 2-3 days  
•    Recreation types: excursions

The capital of USA, Washington, differs very much from all other American cities which central districts are densely built with huge sky scrapers. The central part of Washington is represented by historical sites and pompous administrative buildings with gigantic columns and monumental decorations. Here everything must personify solidity and power of American authorities.

The center of the city, as well as one of the main tourist attractions, is a long alley called the National Mall. It stretches for about two kilometers. And all the most important sights of Washington, such as the Capitol, the White House, monuments of general Washington, Lin-coln, Jefferson and a multitude of governmental buildings, are located just on this Mall or in its immediate vicinity.

The Capitol and the White House are the most curious sights of Washington. Notwith-standing that the former is the seat of both chambers of American Congress and the latter is the working place of American President, they are open for visiting. Of course, you can visit only some of their rooms, but even they are very interesting and worth you attention.

About one kilometer of the Capitol there is the tallest monument in the city dedicated to the first president of United States general George Washington. It is built in the style of gigantic Egyptian obelisk and called the Washington Monument or Pencil.

Not far from the obelisk there is so-called Reflecting Pool, where water isn’t disturbed even when it is windy. On the other side of the pool there is the Lincoln Monument. On the left of the Washington Monument there is also a monument dedicated to the other president of USA – Jefferson.

There are many museums and administrative buildings within National Mall. The Capitol is surrounded by several monumental buildings of American Congress. You may also go to the National Museum of Air and Space, as well as National Museum of American Indians.

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