About city: New York

Tourist attractiveness of the city is indisputable. However, you can not measure it by crite-ria applied to the cities of the Old World, such as Paris or Venice. Actually, there are no historical sites in New York, but all the same they would have been just lost among huge sky scrapers of this dynamic city.

When we speak of New York as tourist destination, we actually mean only one of its dis-tricts, Manhattan. So, to save travel costs you should only stay in the hotels of Manhattan, as all the most interesting sights are located just there.

In fact, the main ‘sights’ of New York are its streets densely built with high-rise buildings, as well as the sky scrapers themselves, from the top of which you can have a panoramic view of this huge megalopolis.

Of course, the most curious of them are Broadway and Fifth Avenue. But these streets are too long to explore them on foot. Broadway and Fifth Avenue span all Manhattan from south to north for several dozens of kilometers. Their most interesting strips are north of Empire State Building, including Central Park.

Times Square is the most interesting part of Broadway. And it can be considered the heart of New York where all its energies and splendor are multiply heightened. All facades of the sky scrapers are covered with billboards creating an illusion of unreality. Major Broadway theatres are located just in Times Square.

Fifth Avenue is the respectability center of New York. There are many old high rise build-ings dating back to the 20th of the past century on this famous street. Also you can find there boutiques of almost all well-known fashion design houses. But if you haven’t time to go shopping, you go just to «Saks» where ten floors of this huge store are filled with products of expensive brands.

By all means should you spare time to visit Central Park. Though it is an artificial park you won't find there precisely arranged alleys and neatly trimmed trees and bushes. Instead, it gives you an impression of chaos – with piles of stone boulders, rugged trees and twisting al-leys it is rather a forest and not a park.

In the southernmost part of Manhattan there is Battery Park, where you can join some boat tour down the Hudson River until the Statue of Liberty. It isn’t the landmark of New York but the entire America. The world's financial center, Wall Street, is also located in the district.

You can have beautiful views of New York from the top of its sky scrapers. Originally, there were three main observation decks: World Trading Center, Empire State Building, and Rockfeller Center. Now there are only two of them, Empire State Building, and Rockfeller Center. However, the latter can give you the best panorama of Manhattan and Central Park.

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