About city: Las Vegas

You may get different, and sometimes quite contradictory, impressions of Las Vegas. But it doesn’t diminish its tourist attractiveness. The word «Las Vegas» recalls a number of vari-ous associations, and everyone dream to go there.

Las Vegas is located in the middle of desert, and it gained its today reputation of a bril-liant entertainment center only in the last decades of the past century. Its development was stimulated by adoption of the law licensing gaming business in Nevada in 1931. And in 1946 one of the underworld leaders Benjamin ‘Bugsy’ Siegel opened there the largest hotel casino ‘Flamingo’.

After that they began to build huge hotel casinos in Las Vegas, which are now the primary «sights» of «Las Vegas Boulevard», or Strip. However, today there are even larger casinos, represented by gigantic entertainment complexes.

You can hardly see any sights in Las Vegas, actually, there are no ‘real’ sights in the city, except that on the famous Strip you can see replicas of architectural masterpieces of Italy, France, Egypt and America itself. And it is just these monuments that create the spirit of the city where almost everything is false or artificial. Though there are also some genuine sights in Las Vegas, such as the world's largest musical fountain of Bellagio and the tower of Stra-tosphere Hotel Casino.

Hotel casinos are the main source of revenue in the city with two million of population, as well as its primary tourist attraction. And their dimensions are just amazing, - 17 out of 20 largest hotels of USA are located just there. And recently, they have also begun to build hotels in the style of different cities of the world.

For example, Venetian Hotel reconstructs the atmosphere of Venice. Within the hotel you can have a ride in genuine gondolas on the real canals and see ‘true’ Venetian palaces. The gondolas are steered by gondoliers singing serenades. The entrance of casino is built in the style of Doje's Palace, neighbouring with Campanile and Rialto Bridge.

Caesar Palace Hotel is built in the style of ancient Rome. There you can go to the concert hall ‘Coliseum’ (replica of Roman Coliseum), see Pantheon and Trevi Fountain, as well as a multitude of ancient Roman sculptures. And Paris Hotel recreates the atmosphere of Paris. Its facades imitate those of Grand Opera and Louvre. The cars approach the entrance through the Arch of Triumph and all of them are dominated by Tour Eiffel. The Statue of Liberty is placed in front New York Hotel, which buildings are replicas of the famous skyscrapers of the city.

There is a casino at the ground floor of all hotels. And all these huge casinos are always crowded with people. They are allured by fantastic stories of common American farmers or clerks winning dozens million dollars for a night. We wouldn’t comment on this – if million of tourists go there, then they believe in their fortune.

When in Las Vegas you should reserve at least a day to visit one of the national parks. Certainly, the most impressive of them is the Grand Canyon of the Colorado River. Also you can make a trip to the Death Valley or Joshua Tree National Park in California, Zion Park or Bruce Canyon in Arizona.

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