Grand Canyon

About place: Grand Canyon

Grand Canyon of Colorado River is the deepest canyon in the world. However, behind this definition there is something more. Most people consider it as the wonder of nature, and you must admit that they absolutely right. Grand Canyon is indeed the wonder of nature, geo-logical phenomenon, huge abyss jagged with red scars of rocky mountains.

When you look at the bottom of this gigantic gorge, you begin to see in your mind the pictures of prehistoric times, the periods of dinosaurs and mammoths. And it isn’t surprising as today gorge was shaped about 6 million years ago and passed through 4 geological periods of the Earth.

Grand Canyon is annually visited by over 2 million tourists, so you can rightly consider it to be one of the main attractions of USA. It is in the north of Arizona, rather far from larger cities. Las Vegas is the nearest major city with convenient air communication. And this close-ness is quite handy, as both these places are undoubtedly worth visiting and wonderfully sup-plement each other.

However, if you plan to go to Grand Canyon from Las Vegas together with some excur-sion, you'll have little time to look around the canyon itself. It would be much better to rent a car and go there alone. Traditionally, they offer trips to West Rim or South Rim. It takes 7 hours to get to West Rim by bus, or an hour by a small plane, while you can get to South Rim only by air. And it will take you 1.5 hours to get there.

Both excursions provide only short visits of the Canyon (you can spend no more than 3 hours on observation platforms). To be sincere, if you'll have to compare South Rim and West Rim, the former is much more impressive and solid than the latter.

West Rim is a fairly narrow gap, so you can not appreciate the scale of the Canyon. For better view there was constructed so called ‘Sky Walk’. It is a horse-shoe-shaped glass bridge, by which you can go several dozens of meters literally above the abyss (the entrance to ‘Sky Walk’ costs 26 U.S. dollars). South Rim looks much more imposing, but you can have but a small stroll along the canyon, if you go there with an excursion.

If you have time, as well as desire to see all the magnificence of Grand Canyon, you should rent a car (or have own vehicle) and travel along the Canyon independently. Though the huge gorge stretches for 450 kilometers, the roads going along West and East Rims would be quite enough. Besides, there are many passages to observation platforms.

However, the journey down the bottom of the Canyon would be your best experience. You can do it in two ways, - either on foot or by rafts. Both the variants are good, but the second one is less tiring. As a rule, backpack trips last for 2 days and more. During the trips you can see scenic rock fractures, waterfalls, and wonderful plants, with the latter being change depending on the depth of the Canyon.

If you travel by car, it would be sensible to think about a trip to some other national park. In the south of Utah, north of Grand Canyon, there are several national parks, which are at fairly small distance from one another. You should visit Zion and Monument Valley. The oth-er national parks are Bruce Canyon, Glen Canyon, CanyonLands, and Arches National Park.

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