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For a long time Mexico City Metropolitana Cathedral had been the largest construction in America. They began to build it in 1576 on the ruins of Aztec pyramids, but the construction itself, to say nothingh of finishing works, had lasted for two hundred years.

Spanish king Philippe II began to build the cathedral on the site of a small church. It was necessary for him to demonstrate the power of Spanish Empire to Mexico, known then as New Spain. Although there has already been a small church on the site of the cathedral, built by the first conquistadors, it was just Mexico City Metropolitana Cathedral that is considered to be the first Christian temple on the territory of America.

The cathedral is on Zocalo (Constitution Square). It is the second-largest square in the world (after Tiananmen Square in Beijing). It was built by Hernardo Cortes.

There was a residence of Montezuma who was the chief of Aztecs, as well as the center of ancient city Tenochtitlan. At the time of Aztecs' Empire conquest Tenochtitlan was the largest city of West Hemi-Sphere. Today Mexico is one of the world's largest cities with population of 20 million people.

The cathedral has a huge size. It has the shape of cross - 5 naves and 14 aisles. The central nave is 116 meters long and 53 meters wide. The towers reach the height of 65 meters.

The Altar of Remission is the most sacred place in the cathedral. It was made of onyx, gold and marble by Manuel Tolsa (architect) in XVII century. The altar was used only during great feasts. The burial vaults of Mexico's bishops are in the crypt of the cathedral.

On the right side the cathedral abut on Sagrario Metropolitana. It was designed by the architect Rodriquez during 1749-1768. The exterior and interior of the building is very rich.

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