The Great Barrier Reef

About place: The Great Barrier Reef

The beauties of underwater world are less accessible for a regular tourist than what he can see on the ground, but it makes it even more alluring. And there is a place in the world where you can get acquainted with bright, colourful underwater world even if you haven’t had spe-cial training – it' the Great Barrier Reef in Australia.

There are a lot of different diving spots. However, there's scarcely any such place as the Great Barrier Reef. It is a wonderful natural phenomenon, creation of billions of polyps and algae.

The Reef stretches for 2.2 thousand kilometers along the coast of Queensland. There you can have various opportunities for beach and active holidays. You can relax on a snow-white beach of one of the numerous islands the Reef consists of, and bathe in warm sea. With the mask you can swim up to the nearest reef shelf and watch corals of various colors and shapes, marvelous fish, odd multi-colored creatures.
If you can't use a mask, you can buy a tour on a boat with transparent bottom and watch all the beauties of underwater world from above the water. But surely there is no better way to enjoy the beauties of the Reef but scuba diving. Already at the small depth of several dozens of meters you can see all the fantastic variety of underwater world. You can see larger and more interesting living creatures you couldn’t find near the shore. To perceive all the scale of what you can see it would be enough to mention the fact that nearly every known species of polyps are gathered in this place. You just think of it – all this in one place.

The Great Barrier Reef is closest to the shore near Cairns. That’s why the city is also sometimes referred to as the «capital of the Great Barrier Reef» or «Reef's Gate». Boat tours would be started just from there.

The most traditional route is Cairns-Port Douglas, the latter being 70 kilometers of Cairns. There are different tours: for scuba diving or for fishing. There are also tours where boats stop at different beaches or bathing spots. The most popular beaches are between the cities.
The best time to visit the Great Barrier Reef is the period from May through September.

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