About place: Bali

Indonesia is situated on thousands of smaller islands of the equatorial zone of the Pacific Ocean. Although Java, Sumatra and Borneo (Kalimantan) are the largest inhabited islands, just Bali is a tourist center of the country.

Bali is a relatively small island, but it nicely combines beautiful beaches with black and white sand, warm sea, picturesque scenery, and, finally, opportunities for interesting tours and active holidays.

The capital of Bali, Denpasar, is on the south of the island. The international airport is also there. This and the relief determined the location of Bali's resorts: all of them are on the south-western and south-eastern coasts of the island.

The largest resort of Bali is the area of Kuta, Legian and Seminyak. Everything has began in the far 60th of the previous century when the hippies liked the beaches of Kuta. Today these three towns have grown to a single resort zone featuring hundreds of hotels and active night life. There is the widest range of various hotels, from 5-Star ones to those, which are preferred by the hippies. You can admire the wonderful Bali's sunsets almost at any point of the coast.

The sea is almost constantly rough in Kuta, which makes it one of the best surfing spots in the Pacific Ocean. However, high waves aren’t quite suitable for simple swimming, as you can just wallow near the shore. All this should be considered by those who spend their holidays with children or don’t like high waves.

Jimbaran is to the south of Seminyak. It is the newest resort consisting of several 5-Star hotels of the highest possible level. You can single out Ritz Carlton and Four Seasons. The town is on the same side of the island with Kuta. And it features as wonderful sunsets, white sand and beautiful sea, so it can also be fairly stormy as in Kuta.

Nusa-Dua is considered to be the most elite resort in Bali. It is also located in the south of the island, as all other resorts of Bali, but on its south-eastern side. So, the sea isn’t as rough there as in Kuta. The resort has been shaped since the 70th of the past centuries, so it has a very developed tourist infrastructure, in hotels as well as in the city properly. Nusa-Dua has a very large trading center. As a rule, hotels have their own beaches.

You should plan an overnight trip (and it would be fine, if you could spare as much as 3 days) to the town of Ubud, which is 40 kilometers of the coast. It is a splendid place for phys-ical and mental relaxation in full harmony with nature. Ubud is enclosed by hills overgrown with jungles. The rice fields are on the slopes of the hills. There are also many rivers and beautiful waterfalls in the valleys. Ubud features excellent hotels with spa centers and mas-sage parlors.

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