About city: Suzhou

Suzhou is one of the largest and oldest horticultural centers in China. There are several do-zens of different gardens in the city, from traditional Chinese gardens to stone gardens. Of course, all this is very interesting. Also you should visit the water village Zhouzhguang located on the lake in a suburb of Suzhou.

The most beautiful gardens of Suzhou are Humble Administrator’s Garden and Lingering Garden. In fact, they are one of the four most beautiful gardens in China. The gardens are fairly large, and strolling around them you can feel the comfort and quietness of hundreds years ago. Particularly, you think about that ‘humble’ administrator who created one of the best gardens in Suzhou.

Lion Grove Garden is also very curious. Though it isn’t too big, there are a lot of stone mazes all around the garden. Having entered the first maze, you try to find the way out, then you loose your patience and just climb over the stones. At the end of the garden there is a beautiful lake where you can have a respite. Also you can go to Master-of-Nets Garden, as well as to Tiger Hill and Mountain Villa with Embracing Beauty. 

In travel guides Suzhou is very often called the «Eden on the Earth» or «Venice of the East». Surely, gardens are indeed very beautiful, but it would be a bit of exaggeration to say so. If you aren’t a great lover of gardens or otherwise have a limited time, then Yu Yuan Garden can give you quite a good idea of the gardens of China. As to comparison with Venice, it rather refers not Suzhou but to nearby township of Zhouzhguang where they do go only with the help of boats.

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