About place: Zhouzhguang

A small township of Zhouzhguang is on the lake in the suburb of Suzhou. Having come from Shanghai you can spend nearly all the day on visits to the gardens of Suzhou. But at 4-5 the gardens are closed, and just for that time you should plan your visit to Zhouzhguang. It is located on the lake. And you can get to it by a taxi from any part of Suzhou.

Zhouzhguang is a kind of precursor of Italian Venice. All the houses are on the water and you can go along the «streets» only by boats. Of course, the town has neither splendid palaces nor beautiful palaces, as Venice, but all the same Zhouzhguang is quite special. Motor boats run along the canals, and the boats are mainly steered by women. Many houses (or more exactly their roofs) and high arched bridges spanning canals are built in traditional Chinese style. You can see red Chinese lanterns almost everywhere. All this creates the views, which were often depicted on ancient Chinese engravings.

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