Croatia travel guide: Croatia

Adriatic Sea, washing the Croatia Republic, is very beautiful. And its azure waters make an impression as if you were on some tropical island. There are some impressive historical sites, such as Dubrovnik or Split, wonderful national parks, for example Plitvitskie Lakes, and, finally, huge number of seaside resorts.

Dubrovnik is in southernmost part of Croatian coast. It is only some kilometers of Montenegro. It is a wonderful and amazing city. It has fully retained its medieval appearance, with strong walls being particularly well-preserved. You can not go there by car, as the streets of Dubrovnik, as many centuries ago, are only 2-3 meters wide. So, the city would be especially interesting for all those who are interested in medieval history. Also, you should spare some time to visit Lokrum Island which is not far from Dubrovnik.

Split is another historical site of Croatia. It was just here that Roman emperor Diocletian moved after his retirement. However, he didn’t grow cabbages there, according to well-spread legend, but lived in the largest palace that has ever been on the earth.

Most popular seaside resorts are Korcula and Zadar. Also, there are many smaller resorts settlements on the Istria, such as Porec(h), Rovinj, and Pula etc.

Most interesting natural sight of Croatia is Plitvitskie Lakes. They are a number of small lakes and ponds, connected by canals and waterfalls.

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