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Antalya area is one of the best resort zones in the world. Bathing season lasts from May through October. There are a lot of most interesting historical and natural sites in the area. But the main thing is that there has been created an excellent tourist infrastructure that provides for almost everything you may need during your vacations.

As to Antalya properly, it is a fairly big city with busy traffic. So, if you want to have a comfortable rest, you shouldn’t go to Antalya itself. First of all, the city has no adequate resort atmosphere because of its size. Secondly, the city is at the top of very high mountain platform. So, if you see on the map that your hotel is just on the coast of the sea, then having arrived there you will see that there is no possibility for you to go down to that sea because of the cliff reaching the height of some 50 meters. And only most expensive hotels have lifts so that you can go down onto bathing platforms.

As to resort towns of Antalya area, they are just paradise for those who prefer quiet, donothing beach vacations topped with first-rate service. Most hotels are All Inclusive, and 5-Star hotels are Ultra All Inclusive. This means that when you buy an All Inclusive tour you pay for your meals and alcohol drinks (Ultra All Inclusive). You can eat and drink what you want, however, you should be careful so that not to put on weight.

Resort towns are on both sides of Antalya. In the south-west main hotel zones are only in Kemer and Tekirova. In the south-east there are more hotels. They are in Belek, Side, Alanya, and Kandia, as well as in-between the towns. For example, Mardan Palace is between Antalya and Belek, and is considered to be the most luxurious hotel in the world.

Private hotel beach is a distinctive feature of Turkish resorts. This makes it possible to have a good rest without leaving the hotel. In most other countries beaches are municipal property and hotels can not enclose them, so everyone may go there. In Turkey beaches are owned by hotels, and can be used only by the guests of the hotel. Thank to this they are always clean, and you can easily find a deck-chair there.

Kemer and Alanya are old towns with full-blown city infrastructure and sights. You go there, if you plan to spend your time not only on the territory of your hotel, but go to local restaurants and nigh clubs.

Belek and Side are small townships, but Side has also a well-preserved ancient Greek amphitheatre. However, there are mainly concentrated the biggest and most luxurious hotels of Antalya Riviera in the region. The hotels have huge premises allowing their guests to stay there for at least two weeks without going to the outside. All of them feature interesting animation services, evening performances, various entertainments, and night discos. In short, you can have there everything so that not to be bored if even for a moment.

There are many historical sites in the neighbourhood of Antalya. A tour to Pamukkale is most often offered at all resorts of Antalya. However, apart from it, you may go to nearby Termessos that was razed by the earthquake. Not far from Tekirova there are ruins of ancient city Phaselis surrounded by the pine park. Farther to the south there located the ancient city Myra where St. Nicolas was the head of the local Church, as well as submerged city of Kekova. There have survived old cities Perge and Aspendos in the region of Side. Such number of ancient sites is just overwhelming.

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