About Myra: Mira- Demre

The ancient city of Myra (Demre) is 150 kilometers to the south-west of Antalya. There are many interesting sights of different periods attracting tourists from all countries in the city. Some people go there to see the Church of St. Nicholas, while the others – to see the rock-cut Lycian tombs and the ancient amphitheatre. Some of the tombs are over 6 thousand years old.

Ancient rock-cut Lycian tombs. At the necropolis of Myra you can see the Lycian tombs cut in the sheer rock. They as numerous that they look like the windows of a multistoreyed building at a distance. In fact, some of the tombs are over 6 thousand years old. Two tombs can be approached by paths, but you can't climb up them, and you needn't to. The front side of a tomb is shaped like a temple.

Nearby you can see the city walls dating back to the Hellenistic period. In the immediate vicinity of the rock-cut tombs is a Roman amphitheatre. The amphitheatre is in good condition, considering the recent restoration works. However, the restoration works somewhat diminished its historical value, as the stones with masks, clearly placed there for tourists, as well as fully restored boxes and steps, made it look like a commercial enterprise. But all the same it will be very interesting to look round the entire city of Myra. 

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