Travel tips: Kekova

• If you can afford it, you should go there in a rented car. Of course it will be more expensive than an excursion, but only in this case you can see what is worth seeing without haste. While in Myra you should go to the ancient acropolis and see the rock-cut tombs and the amphitheatre, as well as the Church of St. Nicholas. You can pass the night in Kale. If you visit these places with a guided excursion, you will be given little time to look around the acropolis and won't even be allowed to enter the amphitheatre. In the Church of St. Nicholas you can also spend only a few minutes. And if you travel for yourself, and no one urge you on, you will want to spend there much more time.

• Excursions to Kekova will be nearly the same. Tourists embark a big yacht and running along the shore look at the foundations of submerged buildings. The yacht makes a short stop (15 minutes) for swimming. But the yacht doesn't stop at the fortress of Simena. If do rented a motor-car, in the morning it would be better to come to the harbour the boats to Kekova depart from. You can always meet there a lot of boatmen offering their services. You can rent a boat for a small sum of money and spend in Kekova most of the day. And, undoubtedly, it is worth while. At first, you will be taken to a big grotto where you can swim in a crystal clear water. Then you will be taken to the submerged city properly.

There you can go on the shore of the island and look around the ruined buildings. After that you can swim again and go to the fortress of Simena. There you should go up to the medieval fortress, and see round the ancient Lycian necropolis. After a dinner at the fortress you can start back for home. Following this program you can appreciate in full the beauty of these places.

• When visiting the Church of St. Nicholas have respect for local religious traditions. Although the church is half-ruined, it is still a religious building. In the church there remained the altar under the semicircular apse and the synthronon shaped like a stepped amphitheatre – they are the most sacred places of an Orthodox church. You shouldn't climb on the altar, which is mistaken by some tourists for a pedestal for taking snapshots. 

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