About city: Amsterdam

The city has a peculiar atmosphere. Almost every one who goes to Amsterdam believes that everything is possible in this wonderful city. And they are quite right. In fact, it is just this unprecedented freedom and active night life that annually attract a great number of tourists in Amsterdam.

Amsterdam has no particular sights, such as magnificent palaces or antique ruins. But considering the climate of the country it could hardly be possible. As tiny 3-5-floor houses are built on piles driven in very swampy ground.

However, the very atmosphere of this charming city can be a good compensation for lack of historical sites. Actually, the main tourist attraction of Amsterdam could be its famous canals edged by doll «fairy-tale» houses.

In no other country could you find such tolerance to certain things, which would be outrageous or are utterly prohibited in most other countries. So, when you think of Amsterdam you think of coffee shops, smart shops, night clubs and the Red Light Quarter.

Red Light Quarter is the most famous sight of the city. And probably, every foreigner is sure to visit it in the evening. As active night life begins here only after ten in the night. Many people just sit in bars and coffee shops or wander along the streets.

You should find time to go to Van Hogue Museum or Rijksmuseum. While the former has the world's largest collection of this great painter, the latter contains an interesting collection of Classicism, including such famous Dutch artists as Rembrandt, Rubens, Van Dyck and others.

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