Estonia travel guide: Estonia

The country is situated on the coast of the Baltic Sea. It takes at most an hour to get to its capital from most countries of Western Europe. And because of its medieval appearance Tallin is included in almost all Baltic cruises.

Significant part of the Old Town, as well as all Vyshgorod, are medieval houses built several centuries ago. There is also Toompea Castle, which has long served its primary purpose, and now is a museum. The seat of prime-minister, which is the head of Estonia, is also in Vyshgorod.

There are two observation decks on the rock where one can enjoy the views of the city. One observation deck opens on its northern quarters and the Baltic Sea. There one can see beautiful cathedrals and red-tiled houses of the Old Town. Very picturesque! The other observation deck opens on the business district of the city where there are offices of the largest home and international companies and banking institutions.

Of course, there are other cities in Estonia which are also worth visiting, though they aren’t as beautiful as Tallin. An hour trip far inland there is a small city Tartu which is noted for its curious Old Town. And its university is one of the oldest in Europe. Nearby there are several natural reserves where one can get acquainted with every day life of Baltic villagers and have a good rest in the open.

Also, there are several nice seaside resorts on the coast and on the island of Saaremaa, where you can have a good rest, though, you mustn’t forget that bathing season isn’t too long there and even in July and August the weather can be somewhat unpredictable.


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