About place: Dahab

Dahab is a bedouin village (a small town) with a peculiar eastern colour. There are no ultra expensive hotels (though, of course, there are 5-star ones there), and local tourists aren’t interested in all inclusive service. All those who come there don’t like to spend their vacations at the territory of some all inclusive hotel. They like to have a walk on a small seafront of Dahab and mix with one another at numerous small restaurants, pubs and discos.

The majority of local vacationers are lovers of windsurfing, kiting and diving. There are ideal conditions for these sports there. Most part of the year the wind is good in Dahab, which makes it possible for windsurfers to ride a lot. There are interesting diving locations in Dahab, including the legendary Blue Hole.

The Blue Hole is a sheer wall of reefs forming a closed well, which is 100 meters deep. It would be very dangerous to dip in the hole, and many divers perished there, but if you take all safety precautions and don’t descend to the very bottom, then the Blue Hole of Dahab may be considered one of the most exciting diving locations.

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