About place: Safaga

Safaga is located on the narrow strip between the sea and the mountains. For several centuries this town was a busy port, connecting Egypt with Saudi Arabia, but in the last ten years tourism was actively developed there.

Several hotels were built in the north, at significant distance from the port, so the closeness of cargo ships doesn’t disturb the vacationers at all. Among the most famous hotels you can name Menaville, Lotus Bay, Sol Y Mar Paradise, Shams, Holiday Inn. Their territory is stretched along the sea, so all hotels have big beaches.

Therefore, Safaga would be attractive for those who value the worth-while service, calm sea, and luxurious sand beaches, where there aren’t too many people. Also, you shouldn’t exaggerate the level of service as Safaga has mostly four star hotels.

Separately, you should say about the properties of sand in Safaga. It is almost everywhere stressed that the quartz sand of Safaga is very good for health, and it could even be used to treat the malfunctions of locomotor apparatus, as well as skin diseases (such as psoriasis).

As anywhere on the coast of the Red Sea, Safaga has many coral shoals, which makes it possible to say about interesting diving.

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