About place: Taba

Taba is a very young resort, and it began to develop when there was opened an international airport. Now the air companies of many countries offer charter flights to this place. Taba itself is located 10 kilometers from the border of Israel.

The rest in Taba would be interesting for those who like to spend their time at the hotel. Ac-tually, Taba is a fairly narrow strip of coastal all inclusive hotels (mostly, 5-star ones). It is senseless to go outside the hotel premises in Taba, as there is nothing there.

The Island of Pharaoh is the primary historical sight of Taba. Considering that they sailed mainly along the coast in the ancient world, this island was very convenient for building a fortified district there to guard the borders. The first fortifications appeared there in the time of Pharaohs of Egypt, and in the Middle Ages the military leader Saladin built there a strong citadel, which is now a museum.

From Taba you can go on an excursion to Jerusalem and the Dead Sea (Israel) or Petra (Jordan). The closest places on the territory of Sinai are Moses' Mount and St. Catherine's Monastery.

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