About place: Soma Bay

The resort is located in the Abu Soma Peninsula, 40 kilometers to the south of Hurghada and 10 kilometers to the north of Safaga. There have ever been no settlements in the district, so Soma Bay was built in the deserted peninsula for the last 10 years. Most hotels are five star rated in Soma Bay, though there are some four star ones. The peninsula location of the hotels lends them the exclusiveness of the real seaside resort.

Soma Bay has only sand beaches. They are stretched in a wide strip along the sea, which creates a special comfort and prevents overcrowding. It should be noted that the main ho-tels of Soma Bay are on the inside of Abu Soma Peninsula, so the sea is always calm there.

From Soma Bay, it will be very convenient to go on a excursion to Luxor, as the road from Hurghada to Luxor goes just through Soma Bay. Luxor is located only 240 kilometers from Soma Bay.

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