Cuba travel guide: Cuba

«The Island of Freedom» is a vey beautiful and promising name. And Cuba is quite deserves it though not every country could be given such epithets.

Tourists are almost unaware of any economic difficulties. They can see only exceptionally welcoming and cheerful natives. Surely, they are deprived of many creature comforts, but they are accustomed to such life and are quite satisfied with their leaders.

Havana is an interesting colonial town. All tourists pay special attention to its magnificent park of retro cars produced in 50-60th of the past century. And all of them are still operative. This creates a singular atmosphere of past decades.

Considering that Cuba is the island washed by warm waters of Caribbean Sea, it has a lot of good beaches. That’s why until the 60th of the past century Cuba has been one of the most favourite resorts of the Americans. And then Fidel Castro came to power and began to build socialistic state. This experiment seriously undermined tourist business of this tropical island.

Now tourist infrastructure of Cuba is being restored. And the main tourist attraction is its peculiar historical atmosphere and opportunity to have a good beach vacations. Many men go there to spend their vacation in the company with some pretty Cuban girls. And it isn’t a problem to meet a good girl there, though it mustn’t be just sex but some kind of romantic relationships.

Surely, Varadero is the most famous resort of Cuba. There you can find vast spaces of snow-white sandy beaches and fairly cool water. Varadero has many good hotels and favourable resort atmosphere. Also, there are good resorts on the islands of Olgin, Cayo-Coco, Cayo-Largo and Juventud.

And if you want to see low mountains covered with rainforests, karst caves, and subterranean galleries and halls which are abundant with stalactites and stalagmites, you should go to Viniales, located 180 kilometers of Havana. Apart from caves, there you can enjoy quiet country landscapes where the natives have grown tobacco for ages.

You can make a trip to Turkino Peak. It is 140 kilometers of the southern coast. And there are very beautiful valleys, jungles and tropical rivers in the national park. There you can also get browned on the secluded beach Marea del Portilio. The revolutionary headquarters headed by Fidel Castro was located atop Turkino Peak in 1956. It was in the midst of beautiful forest, so everyone who is fond of picturesque landscapes, as well as curious about every day life of Cuban revolutionaries, including Che Gevara, must go there.

Also, you can go to Desembarco-del-Granma. It was just there that Fidel Castro and his team disembarked from “Granma” in 1956. Nearby there is the «Giant Stairway», the world's largest marine limestone terraces. And wonderful landscapes are peculiarly blended with surrounding virgin rainforests.

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