About sight: Stalin High-Rises

In different districts of Moscow one can see 7 alike high-rise buildings, which were built in the capital in period of 1947-1957. Today one could hardly call them sky-scrapers, but at that time they were really very high buildings. For example, the building of Moscow University finished in 1953 was the tallest building in Europe and remained so until 1990.

All these buildings were built in the style of strict neoclassicism, although in Russia they call it Stalin Empire Style. There are a fair number of similar buildings in New-York and the other cities of USA, and they were built at about the same time.

The most famous high-rise buildings in Moscow are those of Moscow University, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Ukraine Hotel. The other high-rise buildings are residential buildings in Kotelnicheskaya Embankment and Kudrinskaya Square, Leningradskaya Hotel and Red Gate Administrative Building.

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