The peculiar or even mysterious culture of India has always attracted both the scientists and common tourists. The riches of India excited the imagination of Alexander Makedonski and lured English colonists. From the time of Indian maharajas to English colonists there has been created a specific atmosphere which every tourist can not help but feel.
Traditionally, you can start you visit to China from its capital, Beijing. Two most important monuments of Chinese civilization, – The Great Chinese Wall and the Forbidden City of Gugun, - are located there. The Great Chinese Wall was built 3 thousand years ago to defend against northern nomadic tribes. It stretches for almost 5 thousand kilometers, but its Beijing segment is most curious (and it is completely restored). Forbidden City of Gugun is in the very center of Beijing.
Though this country isn’t a popular tourist destination, every year it attracts certain number of tourists longing for exotica and hardcore. The country has a gigantic territory for its population of two million people. Most of them live in the capital, Ulan-Bator, and several small cities. The rest of population is still nomadic.
Nepal is a constant attraction for all those who are fond of mountains. And not without reason, as some of the planet`s highest peaks are on the territory of this small country. And it is most convenient to start climbing the world`s highest mountain Everest just there (Everest is on the territory of Nepal and China).
Turkey is just created for tourism. In the country there is almost everything, which is essential both for recreation and interesting tours. And what is more, Turkish seaside resort infrastructure is so advanced that other countries could hardly offer anything better.
This island country, formerly known as Ceylon, is located south of India. Here you can not only spend your time on beaches, but also make interesting trips to Buddha-related places. The two places that you must visit are Kandy and Sigiria. Both of them are in the central part of Shri-Lanka.
This «Land of the Rising Sun» located at the very edge of the world has always been and is quite specific in all respects. For several centuries it has been completely isolated from the rest of the world, which couldn’t but affect its culture, life style, thinking, and attitude to labour.
Maldive Islands are often ‘modestly’ called «paradise». And there is certain sense in the definition as even if you could see more beautiful landscapes on some other islands, nowhere would you find such atmosphere as on Maldives.
Most interesting touristic places in Uzbekistan - Samarkand and Bukhara
State, located in Central Asia.
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