Argentina travel guide: Argentina

In Argentina you can have a rest of almost any type, from browning on some ocean beach to extreme tourism.

Any trip to Argentina should be started from its capital Buenos Aires, situated in the mouth of Parana, on the coast of Atlantic Ocean. There you can stay for one or two days. Buenos Aires is a relatively young city, so there are no antiquities, but its large squares and avenues can give you an adequate impression of this most «European» city of Southern America. Not far from Buenos Aires there are several resorts, such as Pinamar or Miramar, and a bit farther you can have a good rest in Mar-del-Plata.

Also, you must visit San Carlos de Bariloche in the south of Argentina. And you can go there anytime. As in winter it is a popular downhill resort, and in summer you can indulge in ecotourism. In the area there are beautiful mountains and lakes, and a myrtle groove (they are very few on the planet). It offers excellent opportunities for most sports, including trekking (there are many other resort settlements in its environs).

You can visit Los Glaciares National Park. And there you should see the Perito-Moreno Glacier (south of Bariloche). Actually, it consists of several dozens of other glaciers. But besides glaciers, there are many beautiful mountains, two big lakes and beech forests, allowing to feel the magnificence of nature.

Near Mendoza (not far from the capital of Chile Santiago) there is the highest peak of Southern America, Aconcagua. There are beautiful valleys of Horcones and Vacas at the foot of the Mount.

On the border with Brazil and Paraguay there is the largest waterfall in the world – Iguazu Falls. National Parks cover the territory of both the countries, so that tourists can enjoy the views of the waterfall. If you have an opportunity to go over the territory of Brazil when visiting Iguazu, you can have a fuller impression of the waterfall.

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