Pery travel guide: Peru

Natural reserves are the main tourist attraction of most South American countries, except for Peru. The remnants of Inca civilization are considered to be the most interesting historical sites in the world and are very popular among tourists. Undoubtedly, the country is worth visiting.

Machu Picchu is a real tourist attraction. The beauty of the city of Incas is so great that it takes your breath away. Nearby there is the ancient city of Kusko which is still inhabited. If you go to the area, don’t forget that its altitude is 3500 meters. The city of Kusko is included in UNESCO heritage list. As the entire city infrastructure, including roads, foundations and some buildings, was created by the Incas, that is many centuries ago.

From Kusko one can go to highland Lake Titikaka. Its altitude is 3800 meters. There are many beautiful mountains peaks around the lake and you can have a boat trip over it. The ruins of Tiahuanaco are on the shore of the lake.

Naska Desert is the most curious and mysterious place of the country. There have been engraved (there are many various hypothesis as to their origin) so-called geogliphs, which can be seen only from huge heights, for example, from space. The most famous of them are geogliphs of bird, monkey and spider. It is still a mystery who has made these «marks» and for what purpose.

In the central part of Peru, on the border with Brazil, there is Manu biosphere reserve. It is one of the largest reserves in the world. Primeval rainforests are almost intact there, with all their variety of flora and fauna. Most part of the reserve is closed for tourists, but open areas are quite enough to feel the wildlife of tropical jungles.

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