Chile travel guide: Chile

The country is a long narrow strip along the coast of South American continent. All types of recreation are available there. Santiago-Valparaiso is most developed area of the Chile. These two cities are very important for successful economic development of this country.
You can have a good vacation in Viña del Mar, a popular resort near Valparaiso.

The world's most arid desert Atakama is in the north of Chile. In moonlight night you can enjoy magnificent landscapes there which are similar to surrealistic pictures. The colours of mountains, lakes, salt lagoons and sky are so sharply contrasted that such landscapes you can not find in any other place. The main problem is that such trip is only for trained people. El Tatio, one of the world's largest fields of geysers, is near Atakama. There are 80 active geysers, and 30 geysers are permanently active.

Many tourists would like to visit Easter Island but most of them can not do it. This Pacific island is most distant from any civilization. It is 4 000 km off the coast of Chile. For a long time there has developed and fallen into decay one civilization. They left a large number of gigantic stone idols (over 600), which are scattered all over the island.

Puerto-Montt is one of the tourist centers of the country. The commune is at the end of fiord area and has almost no road communication with the rest of the country. But its environs are very picturesque. Besides the Andes, there are the purest lakes and virgin woodlands. Puerto-Montt offers excellent opportunities for trekking, and if you can cross the border of Argentina, you can also go to mountain resort San Carlos de Bariloche. It is also the territory of Hornopirén National Park.

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