New Zealand travel guide: New Zeland

For the last years this faraway country has been getting increasingly popular for those who want to enjoy the most beautiful nature – mountains, seas, fiords, geysers, etc. It is difficult to enumerate all the charms of its national parks. Moreover, New Zealand is washed by two oceans.

The largest city of New Zealand Auckland is in the northern part of Northern Island. You can have a very good rest within the bounds of the city, as it is surrounded by seas or more exactly by oceans. In the morning you can sun-bath on the coast of Pacific Ocean and in the evening you can get tanned on the beaches of Indian Ocean.

In Auckland you can be offered several interesting trips, for example to Rotorua. It is the land of geysers and lakes. One of the most curious sites of Rotorua is the «Hell's Gate» where you can see boiling lakes, mud volcanoes, hot waterfalls. Also, on the extremity of Northern Island there is marine park «Island Bay». There are over 140 islands. It is a paradise for bathing and especially yachting.
From the capital of New Zealand Wellington you can ferry to Southern Island. As a rule, ferry goes as far as the city of Pikton. From there you can easily get to New Zealand fiords.

However, if you want to see the most popular fiord – Milford Sound, you'll have to go (or fly) further to the south. Te Anau (south-west) is a starting point for trips to this fiord. South of Milford Sound there is Fiordland National Park where there are a lot of other beautiful fiords.

Southern Island is crossed by the Alpine Range. There are the most beautiful mountain landscapes in New Zealand, such as Mount Cook, which is the country's highest peak, Fox and Fran-Joseph Glaciers, and Lake Manapuori. It is just there that blockbuster “Lord of the Rings” has been shot.

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