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This small country on the west of Balkan Peninsula is one of a few European countries where tourism is a major branch of national economy, so everything is done there to attract tourists.

Nature lavishly endowed this small country. There is a beautiful Adriatic Coast where Me-diterranean climate is predominant, and palms and olive trees are growing. In Tara River Canyon, by the way, the deepest gorge in Europe, one can see the most beautiful mountain landscapes somehow resembling those of such national parks as Yosemite in America or Jungfrau in Switzerland. In highland national parks Biogradska Gora or Durmitor one may have promenades in spruce forests or pine woods similar to those of Canada or Siberia. Generally, all lovers of nature certainly would find something to see, while those who are looking for inexpensive seaside vacations, could find something to their taste.

Most tourists go to the coast. There are located several resorts on a compact territory. Near the border of Croatia there is the most picturesque Kotor Bay. Both old towns, such as Kotor, and resort settlements are located along the coast of this bay. Budva is one of the larger tourist centers south of Kotor Bay. It is a youth resort with active night life.

South of Budva there located San Stefano, the most luxurious resort in Montenegro, and Petrovats, which is considered to be a good place for family holidays. There is nothing but small villages south of Petrovats, however, you may also find there some accomodaton and beaches. In the southernmost part of the country, on the border of Albania, there is a resort in the mouth of Boyan river. It is called Ada Boyana. This is the biggest camping resort for all lovers of nudism in Adriatic Region, but you should be aware that a lot of vacationers would be of older age, and it is quite a specific sight.

As to national parks, there are at least two of them, which are certainly worth visiting. They are Biogradska Gora and Durmitor (Tara River Canyon). Both parks are in the north of Mon-tenegro, only 2-3 hours trip from the coast (Montenegro is a small country).

Durmitor is the biggest national park in Montenegro. In winter it is a downhill skiing resort, and in summer it offers excellent opportunities for hiking or cycling along the most scenic mountain routes. Durmitor National Park includes Tara River Canyon. There are offered sim-ple rafting routes, or you may just take a car ride and enjoy the beauties of mountain land-scapes.


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