Most tourists go to Montenegro for relatively inexpensive holidays on the coast of Adriatic Sea. All resort towns are around Budva Riviera. Most beaches are sandy there, and not shingly or even stone as in Croatia, so in this respect Montenegro is clearly superior to its northern neighbor.
Sveti Stefan is rightly considered as the most fashionable resort in Montenegro as there located the only islet and hotel of the same name (Sveti Stefan) in the Adriatic
Petrovats is the last big resort town in the region of Budva Riviera. South of Petrovats tourist infrastructure is represented only by single hotels and lodgings
You should include a small town Kotor in the list of places to visit in Montenegro. Kotor has fully retained its medieval appearance, with fortified walls and narrow streets (no more than 2-3 meters)
The Bay of Kotor sometimes referred to as Boka-Kotorska is one of the most interesting sites in Montenegro. It is on the north of the country, on the border with Croatia
It stretches for several dozens kilometers to south-east of Zablic. With the height of 1300 meters, it is the deepest canyon in Europe and second-deep canyon in the world after the Colorado Canyon
On the other side of the country, far from Adriatic resorts with their palms and beaches, there is the most beautiful national park Durmitor
The main sacred place of Montenegro is Ostrog Monastery. It belongs to the Serbian Orthodox Church, but is visited by people of different religions. The miracle-making relics of St. Basil of Ostrog are kept in the Monastery of Ostrog
Biogradska Gora National Park is one of the last remaining relic forests in Europe. Not without pride, Montenegro guides say that Biogradska Gora was declared a protected area, that is became the second world`s national park after the Yellowstone Park in USA, in 1878
If you decided to have a tour of Montenegro, you must visit the Morača Monastery. It is on the way from the coast to the Tara River Canyon or Durmitor Park. The monastery is located in the picturesque valley of the river Morača, which is surrounded by mountains
Lake Skadar is one of the largest lakes on the Balkan Peninsula and the one of the most curious national parks in Montenegro. Two thirds of the Lake Skadar is on the territory of Montenegro and only one third – in Albania

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