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Ancient civilization of China is over 5 thousand years and it has been developed quite differently from all other world civilizations. For that time there have been constructed a great number of famous architectural monuments, and considering huge territory of the country (it equals to the territory of Europe), it also abounds with natural sites.

Traditionally, you can start you visit to China from its capital, Beijing. Two most important monuments of Chinese civilization, – The Great Chinese Wall and the Forbidden City of Gugun, - are located there. The Great Chinese Wall was built 3 thousand years ago to defend against northern nomadic tribes. It stretches for almost 5 thousand kilometers, but its Beijing segment is most curious (and it is completely restored). Forbidden City of Gugun is in the very center of Beijing. Formerly, it was a residence of Chinese emperors where there have been built hundreds of temples and common buildings in different periods. Its territory is so huge that you could spend a day to visit it.

Shànghǎi and Hong Kong located on the coast of South-China Sea give an impression of today China. They are the cities of skyscrapers but with local specifics. Even Hong Kong, which has been an English colony only some time ago, now can be considered quite a Chinese city.

There are many other curious cities in China, such as Xian, Lìjiāng and Lhasa. In the environs of Xian there located the museum of Terra Cotta Warriors. Lìjiāng is small town in the foothills of Himalayas, which has fully preserved its medieval appearance. From nearby hill tops the roofs of this town look very picturesque, and it is a pleasure to wander along its streets. The capital of Tibet Lhasa requires no introductions at all. It is a sacred city for all Buddhists. Atop Mount Marpori there is the Potala Palace, former residence of Dalai-Lamas, which is surrounded by old buildings.

Also, there are many beautiful natural sites in China, but they are very far from one another. So, when traveling over China you must be prepared for much walking. One of these natural sites is karst landscapes of Guilin. Also, you can visit Jiuzhaigou Nature Reserve in Sichuan province, Hēilóngjiāng in Hunan province, notorious «Three Gorges», mountains of Emey and Huáng Shān, three parallel rivers in Yúnnán province, and Huanglong National Park, etc.

Seaside resort infrastructure is being actively developed in Hainan. It is a tropical island endowed with beautiful nature, warm sea and nice sandy beaches. And peak season almost never ends there.

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