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Indonesia is situated on several thousands of Pacific islands. The capital of Indonesia Jakarta is located on Java, the most populated island of the country. However, tourist infrastructure is better developed on Bali, which is south-east of Java.

Bali is a fairly large island (it stretches for over 150 kilometers). There you can not only have a good rest on the beach but also go in for hiking. There are many mountain paths on the island, which are quite suitable even for poorly trained people. And if you have special training you can go to the active volcano Gugung Agung. In the main resort areas there are various hotels, as well as a lot of discos and night clubs.

If you are interested in sightseeing you can visit temple complex Borobudur on the neighbouring Java Island. It isn’t far from Surabaya. For a long time Borobudur has been under the ashes of volcano Merapi and they began to restore it only in the 19th century.

The most famous volcano Krakatau is between Java and Sumatra. Its last eruption of 1883 was so strong that it exceeded the power of nuclear explosion. During that disaster hundreds of thousands of people perished.

Borneo Island (or Kalimantan) is jointly owned by Indonesia, Malaysia and Brunei. «Heart of Borneo» is located there. It is a combination of dense equatorial jungles, rivers and low mountains. Most of them are absolutely inaccessible, but on the border of Indonesia and Brunei there are many good tourist paths.

Sumatra has many volcanoes, therefore there are a lot black sand beaches on the island. In Parapat you can get a good suntan and go to local volcanoes.

If you are an adventurous person you can go to New Guinea Island, which is divided between Indonesia and Papua New Guinea. Here is the Lorenz National Park, which is the only protected area in the world to incorporate a continuous, intact transect from snowcap to tropical marine environment, including extensive lowland wetlands. In addition, you can also visit the villages of Papuans and see their mode of life which is closely approximated to primitive.

Komodo Island is the most popular national park of Indonesia. It is located near Labuan Bajo (city on Java Island) and occupies three islands, surrounded by coral reefs. All tourists go there to see local monitor lizards. Some of them can reach the length of 3 meters. Such lizards are quite dangerous, so tourists are banned to go there in red clothes.

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