About sight: Olive Mount

Several churches (Church of All Nations, Church of Mary Magdalene, Church of the Tears of Christ) are on the slopes of the three-headed Olive Mount, the Valley of Kidron – at its foot, and Temple Mount and Old Town – opposite it. And Olive Mount itself is the site where many of the events described in the Old and New Testaments took place.

The main event that happened at the top of this mountain is the Ascension of Jesus on the fortieth day of Easter. The Chapel of Ascension is at this place.

Most part of the southern slope of Olive Mount facing the Valley of Kidron is occupied by a Jewish cemetery. It was most honorable for any Jew to be buried at this cemetery, as it was traditionally believed that having come to the earth Christ will cross the Valley of Kidron and ascend Temple Mount. And then the Last Judgment will begin (that’s why the Arabs walled up the Golden Gate through which one can get from the Valley of Kidron to Temple Mount).

At the foot of this mountain there are several burials, including those of the Biblical prophets. The largest tomb is on the grave of the Biblical Absalom, the son of tsar David who rose against his father but was killed.

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