About place: Samara

Samara, one of the largest cities in Russia, is situated on the high bank of the Volga. During the last war Samara (then it was called Kuybyshev) was the second capital of the Soviet Union. Governmental institutions and embassies, as well as many major industrial enterprises, were evacuated just there.

Volga Embankment is considered the most interesting place in Samara. For over 7 kilometers it stretches along the river, which width is reaching several kilometers. In the summer there are always a lot of walking people, cafes and restaurants on the embankment. In many places of the embankment there are sand beaches creating the atmosphere of a resort. The busiest place of the embankment is near the Zhigulevsk Brewery. It is just there that the stall is located where they have sold the Zhigulevsk beer on tap for many decades. The informal name of the place is «Dno» (Bottom).

The Zhigulevsk Brewery itself can also be considered as the sight of the city. It was built in 1881 and now is one of the oldest acting breweries in Russia. It was just there that the most famous in the Soviet Union Zhigulevsk beer was produced. The production buildings of the 19th century are the magnificent example of the industrial architecture of that period.

When in Samara you should visit the Stalin's Bunker. It was constructed in 1942 and had the depth of 37 meters. By 192 steps you can go down into the bunker, which was large enough to accommodate up to 600 people. There is a Stalin's study, a meeting room, and many other rooms.

In the Old Town of Samara there are many picturesque quarters where you can see how the trading cities of the Volga region looked. Bread Square and Kuybyshev Square are the biggest squares of Samara. There are always a lot of walking people on the pedestrian Leningradskaya Street. Near Kozlov Square you can see the model of the launch vehicle ‘Soyuz’. This is a genuine rocket similar to those, which are launched from the space port Baikonur. The rockets are assembled at the factory ‘Progress’ in Samara.

In order to see the magnificence of the Volga, the longest river in Russia, you should go to the Helicopter Pad. It is located near the settlement Upravlenchesky. From it you can see most part of Samara City, the bend of the Volga in the district of Samara Luka National Park, Zhigulevsk Mountains and Hawk's Mountains.

Samara Luka National Park is on the opposite bank of the Volga. This is an area of several thousand hectares, which is enveloped by the Volga. There are many picturesque places along the Volga mainstream where the low Zhigulevsk Mountains are overgrown with leafy and pine woods. The most beautiful places of the Samara Luka are near the city of Zhigulevsk.

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