During World War II Samara had the status of the «emergency capital», as it was planned to move all government institutions in this city if Moscow would have been captured by the German troops
When visiting any city it will be interesting to see how it looked say a century ago. As a rule, modern districts and industrial area of any city are of little interest for tourists
Traditionally, the Kuibyshev Square is considered as one of the sights of Samara, although in reality it is but a big square in the center of the city
Sloping bank of the Volga made it possible to create a beautiful embankment in Samara. There are always a lot of relaxing people on the square in any season of the year, and in summer you can bathe, get browned and go in for active sports there
In the remote year 1881 in Samara there was laid down one of the first Russia`s breweries. Zhigulevsk brewery was built by the Austrian Alfred Vacano near the old landing on the bank of the Volga
On the high bank of the Volga just over the Zhigulevsk brewery there`s located the Iversky Convent. It was founded in 1850 and its churches have shaped the recognizable view of Samara as seen from the Volga
Samara Square is in Lenin District on the steep bank of the Volga River. Unlike the Kuybyshev Square, there are always many walking people and roller skaters
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