Nearly all sights in the center of Volgograd (former Stalingrad) are related to the defense of the city in 1942, but Mamayev Kurgan (the mound of Mamai) is a special place for all Russian people, being a symbol of the Russian spirit, which made it possible to win the Germans during the World War II
Museum of Stalingrad Battle
The central part of Volgograd extends for tens of kilometers along the Volga, from Mamayev Kurgan to the riverside station, however, only about 3 kilometers of the embankment have been landscaped, a stretch from the Square of the Fallen Fighters and the Alley of Heroes, the one defended by the 62nd Army, to the Museum of the Battle of Stalingrad. The embankment bears the name «62nd Army»
Along with Mamayev Kurgan, Pavlov`s House became a symbol of stubborn resistance of the Russian soldiers during the Battle of Stalingrad. Now it is a small, inconspicuous four-story building, but it was in this house that a group of 31 soldiers warded off the enemy attacks for 58 days
The Square of the Fallen Fighters is inseparably linked with the events of the Battle and Stalingrad and the civil war. It was the main defense position of the surrounded German troops, and it was there that field-marshal Paulus was taken prisoner
Lenin Prospekt is the longest avenue (14 km) in Russia. It is the main street of Volgograd extending for about a hundred kilometers along the Volga river. However, only a small part of the avenue between the Square of the Fallen Fighters and Lenin Square may be interesting for tourists
Railway station
Memorial Historical Museum
Lenin monument
Museum of Fine Arts
The Alley of Heroes is in the center of Volgograd, at the main crossing of Soviet troops during the Battle of Stalingrad. After the crossing the soldiers climbed up the high bank of the Volga, with German fortifications already in place
Komsomol Garden – one of the largest public parks in the city – is near the Square of the Fallen Fighters in the center of Volgograd. Komsomol members planted the area with trees in 1930. For this reason the garden was given this name
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