Astrakhan: Astrakhan

Astrakhan is located in the delta of the Volga where it falls into the Caspian Sea, is very popular among those who like fishing and camping. There is everything for this here. If you are in for comfortable holidays and guided fishing, you can stay at one of the numerous fishing bases or out-of-town hotels.

You should visit Astrakhan itself to see the Astrakhan Kremlin. The Russian tsar John (Ivan) the Terrible had it built on the high hill after the subjugation of the Astrakhan Khanate in 1558. Before that time the town was located in the other place, but the Russian tsar decided to lay down a new town.

The Kremlin together with Assumption Cathedral, Trinity Cathedral, the Bishop's House, Ciryl's Chapel and some other historical buildings is surrounded by a strong wall. The bell tower is one of the landmarks of the Kremlin at the entire Astrakhan.

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