In the center of Yessentuki is a huge resort park, which is the main attraction of the resort city. And it is quite naturally – Yessentuki is a health resort and it absolutely needs a park for people to walk and recover in
The building of the Mineral (Upper) Baths, which is often called the Nikolayevsky Mineral Baths, is located at the foot of the Shchelochnaya Gorka in the center of the Resort Park. For over a century both mud and mineral water procedures have been conducted there
Yessentuki mineral waters are very popular, and their medical value is generally recognized. Sodium carbonic hydrocarbonate-chloride mineral waters are used for treatment of stomach and liver diseases
The main church of Yessentuki is on the outskirts of the Resort Medical Park. It was built at the end of the 19th century, but, as the Savior cathedral in Pyatigorsk, it was blown up in 1935. The restoration of both cathedrals had begun in the 90th of the past century, and today religious services are held at the cathedral
The institution for mud cures (or mud baths), now bearing the name of Semashko, is rightly considered one of the most beautiful buildings in Yessentuki, as well as in the entire Mineralnye Vody Region. It takes up half a quarter and is built in the antique style
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