About sight: Red Glade (Krasnaya Polyana)

High-land resort Krasnaya Polyana (Red Glade) is rightly considered one of the most important tourist sights of Greater Sochi. It is located only 40 km from Adler, but considering its mountain location, it has a quite different climate.

For a long time Krasnaya Polyana has been but a mountain village, with a chair lift of Alpica-Service located in its environs. You could use it to ascend to a viewing platform at the height of 2238 m and admire magnificent views of the Great Caucasus Range.

However, because of the oncoming Winter Olympic Games everything has been drastically altered there. There appeared four skiing centers in the area of Krasnaya Polyana: Gazprom, Karusel, Polyana Grand Hotel and, finally, the most advanced and the largest skiing complex, Rosa Khutor.

It will be at Rosa Khutor that most competitions will be held during the Winter Olympiad of 2014. It is considered a first-class skiing resort conforming to the highest international standards. A lift to the skiing zone of Rosa Khutor is in a new village Gorky-Gorod, which is further up the river Mzymta from Estosadok.

You will also have something to do in Krasnaya Polyana in summer. Spending your time on the beaches of Adler and Sochi by no means should you miss an opportunity to have a walk over mountain paths. Having ascended in the chair lift at Krasnaya Polyana to the height of 2238 m you can have a trip from the viewing platform to the mountain peaks. This path goes through the bushes of rhododendrons and across the Alpine mountain meadows. Everywhere you will see the most beautiful landscapes of the Caucasus Mountains.

There are also some interesting paths at the bottom, near the villages Krasnaya Polyana and Estosadok, but they take you a whole day, or even more. Psluhskie Narzany (mineral water springs) is 6 kilometers from the Alpica-Service chair lift, up the Mzymta river. In summer there are always a lot of people putting their tents here. Apart from mountain vacation they can also take a course of Narzan medical treatment.

If you will go on Krasnaya Polyana another 8 km along the bed of the Mzymta river, you will get to the Engelman Glade. There are springs strongly sprouting from the ground, and small pools with bubbles of mineral waters rising up to their surface.

Those who are fond of backpack overnight tours can go along the bed of the Mzymta river as far as the lake Kardivach located 30 km from the chair lift of Alpica-Service. As the path cross the territory of the Krasnaya Polyana Reserve, you must be accompanied by an instructor. The mountain lake Kardivach is at the height of 1850 m. It is encircled by picturesque mountains.

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