About country: Mongolia

Though this country isn’t a popular tourist destination, every year it attracts certain number of tourists longing for exotica and hardcore. The country has a gigantic territory for its population of two million people. Most of them live in the capital, Ulan-Bator, and several small cities. The rest of population is still nomadic.

The main tourist center of Mongolia is Ulan-Bator, as the only international airport is located in this city. Ulan-Bator is the city of contrasts. There new districts are alternated with nomadic yurtas.

The center of Ulan-Bator is the Square of Sukhe-Bator, which declared there the independence of Mongolia from China in 1921. His mausoleum is located there. There is also a beautiful Friendship Park, which is a favorite walking place of citizens.

The most interesting place of Mongolia is the Gobi Desert, which borders with China and occupies about a third part of the country. It has very severe continental climate, so you must be carefully prepared for Gobi travel. In summer the temperature reaches up to +40°C, and in winter it drops down to -40°C. The wind is constantly blowing. The desert is mostly stony, with occasional rocks and even steppes. The most picturesque sand dunes are 60 kilometers of Batou. The area is called «Singing Dunes» because of constant roaring. Here the dunes are at least 100 meters high and stretch for dozens of kilometers.

The most interesting place of Gobi is «Flaming Cliffs», not far from the Gobi's Altai. In the twenties of the past century there were found the first fossilized eggs of dinosaurs. Later, there were discovered fields with a lot of remains of pre-historic reptiles of Jurassic period.

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