The country stretches for thousands of kilometers along the South China Sea coast of Indochina Peninsula. Recently, there have been actively developed seaside resorts, such as Nha Trang and Phan Thiet.
Indonesia is situated on several thousands of Pacific islands. The capital of Indonesia Jakarta is located on Java, the most populated island of the country. However, tourist infrastructure is better developed on Bali, which is south-east of Java.
The history of this South-Eastern Asia country was full of hardships, and this refers not only to the period of middle ages, rise and decline of Khmer civilization, but to the 20th century, when dictator Pol Pot killed most part of his country`s population. As a result, now significant part of its population is younger than 40 years old.
The country occupies the southern extremity of Malacca Peninsula and northern part of Borneo Island (Kalimantan). The most part of population lives in the continental part of the country where there is its capital Kuala-Lumpur. However, interesting resorts are in all parts of the country.
Thailand is one of the world`s best tourist destinations for those who want to spend their holiday on some beach. And if you add to it the opportunity to visit most interesting (historical) sites plus high-rate service and low prices (almost on everything), the country can be considered quite suitable for lovers of seaside holidays.
The country is situated on several thousands of islands in Pacific Ocean. The capital of Philippines, Manila, is on the largest island of Luzon. Manila is surrounded by several satellite cities, and each of them has some curious architectural sights.
What does it generally occur to common people when they think about Singapore? At the end of 80th of the past century the city was called the Economic Dragon of Asia.
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