Travel tips: Thailand

1. When you go to the beach, take sun blocks with at least medium level of protection. As the sun is as hot, that you run a serious risk to get burns in the first days of you stay in Thailand, even if the sun is hidden behind clouds. At midday most people bathe in T-shirts as lotions can not help properly.

2. Hotel prices are almost twice as low in mid-season, that is, in April and October, and in so called low season (April-November), as in high season. Raining season lasts from May through September in Thailand. Some days it can rain all day long, but such cases are quite rare. Rather it rains only for a couple of hours as in any other place, with the rain quickly starting and ending. Of course, rain isn’t pleasant, but you can reduce your travel costs almost by two times.
3. The Russians needn’t visa to enter Thailand. On arriving they will have to fill only a simple Immigration Card. However, you can't stay in the country for more than 30 days.

4. When in Krabi many tourists prefer to take a boat and go for a day to the beaches of Phra Nang or Relay. They are more beautiful than Ao Nang. In Ao Nang there are enough hotels, so you can choose where to stay. In Phra Nang there is only one lux-urious hotel Rayavadee. It consists of separate bungalows the cheapest of which is about 600 USD per night.

5. When in Phi Phi you must be aware that you can not easily fall asleep in the hotel, which windows open to the beaches on the isthmus, as youth discos are held on the beaches. Therefore, you should stay in a hotel or guest house located in the middle of the isthmus.

6. In Bangkok all cabs have taximeters, but cabmen usually turn them only on your de-mand. Do demand it! Also you should at once warn cabmen that you are not interested in shopping. Also you don’t give credit to their stories that «now some Buddhist holiday is being celebrated and temples will be opened only in two hours», and that this time would be just enough for you to drop in some shops, and then they will take you to your destina-tion.

7. In Thailand pearls are sold almost in every city – necklaces, bracelets, ear-rings. As a rule, the prices of such goods are fairly low, 30-50 dollars. And to prove the authenticity of these articles, the sellers even burn them with lighters. Even though they are quite real, the pearls had been grown at the farms for only 4-6 months. And such pearls will be dimmed after 2-3 years. You should grow high-quality pearls for at least 2 years, and their price will be much higher, some hundreds of dollars.

8. You can buy tickets to buses and trains at the airport.

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