Antalya area is one of the best resort zones in the world. Bathing season lasts from May through October. There are a lot of most interesting historical and natural sites in the area. But the main thing is that there has been created an excellent tourist infrastructure that provides for almost everything you may need during your vacations
Kemer Resort Area is considered to be one of the most developed resort districts of Antalya Coast. The City of Kemer is 30 kilometers south-west of Antalya. Goynuk and Beldebi are be-tween Kemer and Antalya, and Kirish is a bit to the south. Together with Kemer they form a single resort area
The capitals of ancient empires have always been very attractive for tourists. Here belongs Istanbul (former Constantinople), which is one of the most beautiful cities in the world
Turkey attracts tourists of all incomes and preferences from all countries of Europe. On the Aegean Coast there are a great number of resorts for both youth and older people with children. Night clubs are almost at every resort of Turkey, however, just Bodrum is consi-dered to be the main youth resort of this country
The resort town Olympos is located on the coast 70 kilometers south-west of Antalya. A bit to the south of the village Tekirova there is a descent to the ruins of ancient Olympos, which is another 11 kilometers off the highway
For all those who spend their vacation at one of the numerous resorts of Antalya coast a trip to Termessos may be considered a very interesting excursion. But by some mysterious reasons tourists have hardly ever been taken there, and most of them even don`t know that only 30 kilometers from Antalya (to the north-east) is such an interesting place
The ancient city of Myra (Demre) is 150 kilometers to the south-west of Antalya. There are many interesting sights of different periods attracting tourists from all countries in the city. Some people go there to see the Church of St. Nicholas, while the others – to see the rock-cut Lycian tombs and the ancient amphitheatre
150 kilometers to the south-west of Antalya is the island of Kekova, an ancient city, which was destroyed during an earthquake and is generally included in one excursion. And now going along the bank in a boat you can see the foundations of the buildings. On the island you can see the picturesque medieval fortress of Simena as well as the ancient Lycian sarcophagi scattered all over the island
Along with Pammukale, Cappadocia is one of the most amazing places in Turkey. You should spare at least 3 days for walks in the valleys with fanciful mushroom-shaped rocks and exploration of the ancient churches and monasteries cut in these rocks
The most beautiful Koprulu Canyon National Park is 30 kilometers to the north of Side. This is a huge space of land covered with pines and cypresses. The Köprüçay river flows in the park forming canyons at several places
An ancient city, which ruins are on the east fringe of the city of Antalya. In the neighbourhood of Antalya there are over a dozen sites with the ruins of ancient cities, but the site of ancient Perge is the biggest one
The ruins of the city itself almost didn’t survive, except the Amphitheatre, which was built by the Roman emperor Marcus Avrelius in 170 B.C., and is in a perfect condition
The ruins of the ancient Lycian city of Phaselis are located 10 kilometers to the south of Tekirova. At the time of Alexander the Great Phaselis was a big city and this great military leader stayed there during his campaigns against Persia
A small resort town of Tekirova is located 60 kilometers to the south-west of Antalya. Tekirova is surrounded by pine woods and scenic mountains of the Taurus Mountain Range
For the last 20 years the small town of Belek has become the favourite place of the people who like to rest without leaving the premises of their hotel
The resort area of Side is near the Turkish city of Manavgat. The historical city of Side is in a small peninsula; however, most beach hotels are far from the ancient Side
A resort city located 120 kilometers east of Antalya
Mediterranean Riviera of Turkey is very actively developed. After the area of Antalya (from Kemer to Alanya), a full-blown tourist infrastructure was developed round the small towns of Marmaris and Fethiye
This tallest mountain (5137 m) in Turkey is known from Bible days. According to the Genesis, it was just to this mountain that the Noah`s Ark moored after the Great Flood
This legendary city, which was described in the epic poem by Homer ‘Iliad’, has long been considered imaginary, until the archaeologist Heinrich Schliemann began large-scale excavations at the hill of Hisarlik on the shore of the Sea of Marmara, province Canakkale

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