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For quite a long time tourist attractiveness of the capital of Azerbaijan, Baku, has been prejudiced, and few tourists came there. But, everything has changed for the last 10 years. The city has been transformed, and now you can affirm with confidence that it may be very interesting for tourists.

When coming in Baku you should stay at one of the hotels of Icheri Sheher or near it. All primary tourist attractions of Baku are within a walking distance from this ancient quarter. It must be noted that Baku is equally beautiful at daytime and at night. Almost all houses in the center of the city were built in the impressive Empire style and very beautifully illuminated. It creates a peculiar atmosphere of well-being.

Surely, the main tourist attraction of Baku is Icheri Sheher. Its fortified walls have fully survived, and it will take you most part of the first day to wander along its narrow streets. All houses of Icheri Sheher have characteristic balconies the on second floors.

On the Oilmen's Avenue, the most beautiful street in Baku, there located a local landmark - the Maiden Tower. Most likely, it is an ancient Zoroastrian temple of 8-12 centuries, although this hasn’t yet been proved. You should ascend onto the viewing platform of the Maiden Tower to enjoy a view of the old town.

If you climb up the narrow streets of the old town, you can see the Palace of Shirvanshahs. This is another have-to-visit-place. The palace of the rulers of the Baku Khanate built in 15 century was completely reconstructed and now there is something to look at here: the palace properly, mosques, baths complex, and burial vaults.

Ateshgah Zoroastrian Temple (or Fire Temple) is very important as a historical and cultural site. It's located not far from the center of Baku, in the immediate vicinity of Heydar Aliyev International Airport. Zoroastrian sanctuaries have been there since the earliest times, as in this place natural gas came to the surface and spontaneously ignited, and Zoroastrians worshiped fire.

Primorsky Boulevard is one of the premium places for deliberate walks over Baku. It is a broad embankment running along the Bay of Baku. On a stretch from Azneft Square to the Nagorny (Upper) Park there has recently been constructed a system of canals where you can have a boat ride. On the sides of the canals you can see buildings and bridges in the Venetian style. From Primorsky Boulevard you can ascend to the Nagorny Park by cableway. From there you can have a magnificent view of the old town and the Bay of Baku. The Governor's Garden is at least as beautiful. It is a small picturesque park at the fortified wall of the old town near Azneft Square.

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