In spite of its small size Ateshgah Temple may be considered one of the most curious and important tourist attractions of Baku. Natural phenomenon of gas self-ignition occurs rarely enough in the world, and here it is also combined with one of the most ancient world`s religion – Zoroastrianism. So, for those who are interested in the history of world religions, it will be very interesting to visit the Ateshgah Temple
Governor`s Garden, which is the oldest and most beautiful park in Baku, is near the small east wall of the old town (Icheri Sheher) between the east city gate and Azneft Square
In Azerbaijan language «Icheri Sheher» means «inner city», that is a city within the fortified walls. As any important medieval town, Baku, after it became the capital Baku Khanate in 15 century, was encircled by a strong fortified wall
The Maiden Tower is rightly considered the most interesting tourist attraction of Baku. It is located near the embankment in the center of the old town Icheri Sheher. It can be seen from the walking alleys of the Oilmen`s Avenue going along the Bay of Baku
Memorial Nagorny (Upper) Park is located high above the coastal area of Baku, and you can have a wonderful view of the Bay of Baku with Primorsky Boulevard, the old town Icheri Sheher, the Maiden Tower and the Sirvanshakh`s Palace
Minarets and impressive buildings of the Shirvanshah`s Palace are in the heart of old town (Icheri Sheher) and you should visit this place. You can approach it from the Maiden Tower by way of narrow streets of the Old Town of Baku, which let you feel the atmosphere of a medieval town. The palace properly is in the immediate vicinity of the East Gate, through which you can go out of the palace to the oldest garden of Baku called the Governor`s Garden
Primorsky Boulevard is the most beautiful street of Baku. It starts at the foot of the Nagorny Park, near the cableway terminal. From that point it goes along the Icheri Sheher to the Port of Baku. It is about 5 kilometers long, but there are some plans of its significant extension
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