About Sheremetev Palace: Sheremetev Palace

The Sheremetev was one of the richest noble families in Russia. They had tens of estates, but of the primary historic value is the Sheremetev's Palace on the river Fontanka in St. Petersburg, as well as three estates in Moscow: Arkhangelskoye, Kuskovo and Ostankino Palace.

A lot of land in the vicinity of the river Fontanka, not far from the Summer Palace of Peter I at the Summer Garden, the emperor granted to the field marshal Sheremetev. The palace, which survived until our time, was constructed in 1750 by the architect Chevakinsky using the drawings of the court architect Francesco Rastrelli. From that time and to 1917 the Sheremetev's Palace belonged to five generations of this noble family.

The Sheremetev's Palace is interesting for the interiors of certain chambers, such as the Etruscan and Stucco drawing-rooms, St. Barbara Church, and of course the museum of musical instruments.

The collection of the Sheremetev was laid in the foundation of the musical instrument museum of the palace, but many of its exhibits were added by the state. There you can see musical instruments of many peoples and most different kinds, including very rare ones.

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