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This «Land of the Rising Sun» located at the very edge of the world has always been and is quite specific in all respects. For several centuries it has been completely isolated from the rest of the world, which couldn’t but affect its culture, life style, thinking, and attitude to labour.

In spite of its relatively small territory, Japan is one of the most populated countries in the world, 128 million people. By standards of living and innovation rates, the country always took leading positions. As to its economy, Japan was second after USA; though in the early 90th of the past century it lost its chance of dynamic development. Over 20 years Japanese economy has been in the state of stagflation, allowing other countries, first of all China, to approach its economic indices.

The Japanese are most traveling nation in the world while Japan itself is very interesting for tourists from all other countries. Here there are a lot of sites which you should visit, as well as many resorts where you could have a good rest.

First of all, you should go to Tokyo. Most people consider it as a city of future. As it is very different from the other European cities. There aren’t too many historical sites excepting the emperor's palace, where no one is admitted, building of Parliament, and several parks. But it isn’t for history that they go to Tokyo. The main thing is to feel the beat of this gigantic megalopolis. Visiting Ginza is similar to seeing the Forum of Ancient Rome in its heyday.

If you want to visit historical sites of Japan, you should go to Nara or Nikko. For several centuries Nara has been the capital of Japan, and it was just the period when they began to build temples and palaces in the country. Also, there are a lot of various Buddhists and Shinto temples, as well as old buildings in the small city of Nikko. It quite preserved the spirit of the old «samurai» Japan.

Near Nara there is another larger city, Osaka. One of the most beautiful samurai castles, Himeji (White Egret Castle), is located there. It was built by shogun (military leader) Hideyoshi Toyotomi in the first half of the 14th century.

The main natural site of Japan is Mount Fuji. It is a peculiar symbol of Japan. The mountain is surrounded by beautiful national parks. Almost every Japanese at least once in his life climbed Fuji. Tourist paths are outfitted with all necessary things, so that every one can do it. After that you should go to nearby lakes, such as Kavaguti, Motosu, and Seji, etc.

The only problem of traveling to Japan is quite low possibility of individual trips. There are few English signs and it is very difficult to find a man who could speak any language but Japanese.

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